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A real virtual city

Yodicity is a real city with its inhabitants (Yodimis), its districts, homes, shops, businesses etc ... learn all its secrets and make every effort to become the king or queen of Yodicity!

Gigantic Districts

Currently, the city consists of 7 districts: The Academy, Gran Forrest, Yodi Puerto, Playing Boulevard, Downtown, Central Square and the Palace are many places that you can explore for hours!

The YodiPad: your new tablet

You probably dreamed of having your own tablet, right? The YodiPad is offered to all who join the academy Yodimi! You can customize and install tons of applications!

A real social network for children

In Yodicity, you can publish your news, talk about what you like, comment on what others say and make yourself thousands of friends! You can share funny videos or pictures of your vacation!

Accompaniment at all times

Although Yodicity is huge, you will be accompanied throughout your career in the game at any time you can ask for help of Jenny. You'll never be lost in the game :)

A great adventure

Yodicity is especially a great virtual game. You'll be able to change your Yodimi, learn trades, select and furnish your apartment, get dressed etc ... An incredible adventure awaits you!

Tons of mini-games

In Yodicity, you can find so many games. Whether for your business or your YodiPad applications there is no doubt that you will find something to amuse you for hours!

Dozens of shops

In each Yodicity district, there are shops. Each specializes in one area and offers hundreds of items for sale in the shops, you can also make your own objects.

Play is not a game

Beyond a simple online game, we paid special attention to the quality of the content in the pages of this site: proposed activities Yodicity all have a didactic character: sometimes in school (mental arithmetic, working memory, information retrieval, construction ...), sometimes in relation to practical life (learning the rules of community life, money management), but always with a view to prepare the younger learning new ways of communication.

A first step towards social networks

You can't ignor that social networks are everywhere, and your children, if they are not already connected they will be sooner or later. Because we are also parents, we have thought about it and taken it all in consideration. Yodicity offers all the tools that your children will use later on social networks, with the major difference that they can not publish (or read) everything and anything, because we constantly monitor what is exchanged on our website.

Learn to communicate

Experience has shown that most young people have a very personal interpretation of the notion of "freedom of expression". This is why the Yodicity leaders , exchange tactfully and directly teach and explain to the children that some things are not published and must always remain private. Moreover, as a parent, you will receive a weekly report by email of your child's activity on our site.

COBALINK: Publisher sites for children

Yodicity is edited by the company COBALINK. The experience of our publishing business websites since 2004, has led us to specialize in sites for children.

Some important dates for the company :

  • 2005 Launch of fr.hellokids.com, current leader of editorial sites for children in France.
  • 2006 Launches of es.hellokids.com and Hellokids.com, Spanish and English versions of fr.hellokids.com.
  • 2007 Creation of "personal space" on these three sites: A first step towards the social network for children.
  • 2008 Transformation of the "Personal Spaces" for children : The first version of Yodicity is available in 3 languages.
  • 2009 Opening of QiCaiPan.com, the Chinese version of Hellokids.
  • 2010 Launch of Jeprogresse.com, e-commerce site in the field of educational toys.
  • 2011 Opening of two new versions of our editorial sites for children : in German and in Portuguese
  • 2012 Launch of the official Yodicity

Sites for children published by COBALINK now host more than 5 million visitors per month worldwide.

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